7 Reasons To Choose Me To Market Your Small Business

1. I am experienced

I’ve worked for many years in marketing, particularly arts and entertainment. I’ve managed marketing departments. I’ve run small businesses. Therefore I can take a overview of your marketing, from website to print, from social media to PR. I can ensure that it delivers in a co-ordinated synergetic way that doesn’t just look good but will actually generate sales within a tight budget.

2. I understand small business

I can help grow your small business because I’ve grown my own small businesses. You create a brand image whether by design or default. Better to take charge of your own destiny. I can give you my years of marketing experience tailored to the resources of your small business.

3. I can work on a tight budget

Many marketers do a lot of unnecessary work to justify their time and high fees. I know from my own experience that a small number of key actions can transform a small business. Sometimes an hour or two is all that is needed to boost your website ranking to the Google first page or get your name in the local paper or double your customer enquiries. A straightforward marketing consultation can cost as little as £200 and set you on the road to achieving your aims. A website (like hampshireworkspace.co.uk) including content and search engine optimisation can cost under £2000. If you simply need a web presence, I can provide you with a simple but effective websitefor less than £1000.

4. I have a great track record

Marketing is about choosing the right customer for the right product and then putting the message across to them in the most effective way. That’s how I sold millions of tickets for The Mayflower Theatre and saw it turn from a failure to the most successful presenting theatre in the UK.  In the 18 months since I’ve been marketing Theatre Royal Winchester, sales are up 25%. I’ve learned a lot about marketing over the years and continue to learn every day, especially since the media are constantly changing. I love to share what I know and you’ll find a number of pages on this website each with seven tips on how to improve aspects of your marketing and they won’t cost you a penny.

5. I use the best experts at the best prices

I draw on the expertise of freelancers. I know no-one better at negotiating best value from suppliers than my business and marital partner Julia who was Marketing Manager of The Mayflower Theatre in Southampton. She also has a greater for what works visually. Two others are my favourite designer Steve Crouch and graphic artist Paul Bateman. It’s a way of getting the best results for you without paying towards a large staff or big offices.

6. I like to cut costs

Some marketing people will try to get you to advertise because they make money on commission. Some will try to get you to design a new website or blog, because they have designers on the payroll. Some will design a website that only they can maintain- for a handsome retainer. Some will make getting a prominent position on search engines seem like a black art so they can charge you a lot of money. I look at every aspect of your marketing. I see how the various elements can best work together, by which I mean most effectively for the least cost.

7. I love the challenge of marketing small business

If you run a small business, retail or arts organisation and would like to consult me on any aspect of your marketing or think I might be able to carry out some work for you, I’d love to hear from you. Please call Seven Experience on 07946 981733 or email paullewis@sevenexperience.co.uk.

I support the arts so if you are involved in subsidised theatre or a small business, I will happily do free (yes, free) critiques of your brochure, website or mailshots. I love experiencing the arts, talking about the arts and persuading people to attend the arts. If you feel the same, please call me. I’d love to chat.

*I got the nickname Paul ‘Seven’ Lewis because seven points are enough to get a message across and research shows it’s the maximum most people can take in.

You can find Paul Lewis on Google+ LinkedIn and blogging for the Daily Echo and Hampshire Workspace.

“How can you make more money without investing more money? Run good copy instead of bad copy. They both cost the same.” Drayton Byrd

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