Warning! Kit Harington In Doctor Faustus

‘This production contains themes of an adult nature, scenes of sexual violence, nudity, smoking, haze effects, loud music and bangs, strobe lighting.’ The warning sign about Doctor Faustus at the Duke Of York’s Theatre was possibly the longest I have seen. As far as I can think, only gun shots were missing.

All of us working […]

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Hugh Bonneville Triumphs At Chichester

When a public vote chooses Boaty McBoatface as the name for a polar exploration ship, it’s easy to agree with the main character in Ibsen’s An Enemy Of The People (Chichester Festival Theatre) that the majority is ‘stupid’.

Dr Tomas Stockmann starts out believing the people will welcome his revelation that the town’s spa water is […]

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It’s Been 7 Hours And 15 Days

It’s been 7 hours and 15 days since he went away. Prince died 15 days ago and we are still in mourning for one of popular music’s greats.

His music is so soulful and so visceral that it’s easy to overlook the power of his lyrics. He was shockingly frank about sex but, more than that, […]

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Adele’s Audacious Advert

It's not just Adele fans who were excited by a 30 second TV ad. The whole world of advertising is talking about it. The idea of a teaser isn't new but the audacity of running an ad with no name, no logo, not even a date is something unprecedented. A teaser ad is meant to intrigue, to excite interest and that's just what a black screen with white lyrics and an instantly recognisable singing voice did, but to what end?
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Should You Comment On Your Colleague’s Appearance?

So, is it sexist to describe someone’s photo on a business website as ‘stunning’? That was what barrister Charlotte Proudman thought when solicitor Alexander Carter-Silk made the comment to her on LinkedIn.

Before addressing that question, I should straightaway say that whatever one’s view, it’s wrong to send her abusive and offensive messages and a prominent […]

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