Content Marketing Tips by Kevin Spacey

Content Marketing Tips by Kevin Spacey
Somewhat belatedly I’ve discovered these brilliant tips on content marketing by Kevin Spacey . Kevin Spacey the actor? Yes, and he really knows his stuff. We shouldn’t be so surprised. Besides being an actor, he’s run The Old Vic and turned it into one of the most successful theatres in […]

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Shaken Not Stirred- New Sponsors Remind Me Of 007’s Original Drink

James Bond 007 ordered his first martini back in 1953 in the novel Casino Royale. So, was it the traditional gin martini or a more modern vodka version?
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White Stuff Lives Up To Its Name

To provide a catalogue with nothing but white faces, as White Stuff have done, is offensive to those customers who oppose discrimination and to those who are from ethnic minority backgrounds.
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No Such Thing As Bad Publicity?

Who said there’s no such thing as bad publicity? The recent story about The Broadway Hotel in Blackpool which fined a guest £100 for writing a bad review on TripAdvisor suggests otherwise. It’s hard to imagine this particular business turning the sorry tale to their advantage. In fact, their crass approach to bad reviews is […]

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Let’s Not Get Above Ourselves

I’ve clashed with quite a few accountants in the past because it seemed to me they couldn’t be content with managing the money, they had to behave like they were running the business. The mistake they made, I thought, was to confuse the tool with the result. Then I realised we marketers do it too.

It’s […]

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