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Review: The Apprentice Series 12 Episodes 4 & 5

The Apprentice: Episode 4
After last week’s boring task and unfair result, this week’s The Apprentice got back on track with an episode about crowdfunding.

I really must stop taking Lord Sugar’s search so seriously. I keep thinking it’s a business programme when really it’s simply popular entertainment. Even so, there are business lessons to be learned.

Last […]

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Should You Comment On Your Colleague’s Appearance?

So, is it sexist to describe someone’s photo on a business website as ‘stunning’? That was what barrister Charlotte Proudman thought when solicitor Alexander Carter-Silk made the comment to her on LinkedIn.

Before addressing that question, I should straightaway say that whatever one’s view, it’s wrong to send her abusive and offensive messages and a prominent […]

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Buying Online- Who’s Doing The Favour?

When your customer buys online, who benefits most, you or them? The question occurred to me after two contrasting experiences I had recently. One was with an arts organisation, the other was a commercial business.

First, the National Portrait Gallery. I read the reviews of the John Singer Sargent exhibition and thought I must see this. […]

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7 Criteria For Attracting Business Investors

Neither of the two finalists in The Apprentice would have attracted business investment in the real world. Here’s what investors with £250,000 really look for in a start up.

1. You need a unique product- not just unique in the sense of filling a gap in the market but also something that others will not be […]

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The 3 Essentials Of Marketing

Someone said to me last week, ‘Sum up the basics of marketing in less than thirty words.’ Well, I always say if you can’t explain something simply, you probably don’t understand it, so I had a go:

Find out who you are selling to, work out how to target them cost effectively, then tell them a […]

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