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The Business Lessons Of Wolf Hall

Ben Miles in Wolf Hall at The Aldwych excels in what must be a career defining role as the tough but tender, honourable but ruthless fixer, Thomas Cromwell. Watching him, I couldn't help thinking of the occasions I've been in Cromwell's situation.
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What’s The Difference Between Perception and Misperception?

What’s the difference between perception and misperception? Perceptions aren’t about facts. The customer is always right, even when they’re wrong. You will need to change your marketing to stop others perceiving your product in the same way.
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Three Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Pricing

£5.00 or 4.99? £5.00 or 5.00? £5.00 or £7.50 or both? Subtle differeces maybe but they can make a lot of difference to your sales. In her recent post Francesca Nicasio nominates three questions to ask before you set your prices.

The first is whether you should use the old .99 trick. Of course it’s clumsy […]

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Log In Or Bog Off

You just want to buy a ticket so why do websites insist that you register first? It's anti-customer and it loses business.
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Happy 50th Birthday, National Theatre, and Many Happy Subsidies

I wish the National Theatre a very happy 50th birthday. To me, it is what subsidy is all about. It could have been a staid presenter of the classics of the English stage. Instead it has encouraged new writing and the discovery of non-English work. It has been challenging and experimental.

Given the opportunity not to […]

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