Hugh Bonneville Triumphs At Chichester

When a public vote chooses Boaty McBoatface as the name for a polar exploration ship, it’s easy to agree with the main character in Ibsen’s An Enemy Of The People (Chichester Festival Theatre) that the majority is ‘stupid’.

Dr Tomas Stockmann starts out believing the people will welcome his revelation that the town’s spa water is […]

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Je Suis Charlie? Then Let’s Stop Censoring Arts In The UK

Behzti, Jerry Springer, Exhibit B- here in the UK, we owe it to the Charlie Hebdo victims to stop giving in to people who are offended by free expression.
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White Stuff Lives Up To Its Name

To provide a catalogue with nothing but white faces, as White Stuff have done, is offensive to those customers who oppose discrimination and to those who are from ethnic minority backgrounds.
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Let’s Not Get Above Ourselves

I’ve clashed with quite a few accountants in the past because it seemed to me they couldn’t be content with managing the money, they had to behave like they were running the business. The mistake they made, I thought, was to confuse the tool with the result. Then I realised we marketers do it too.

It’s […]

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Older And Wiser?

With the boomer generation reaching old age, it's time to challenge the assumption that all the over 60s have to look forward to is free travel and dementia. We may hear much about the burden on our welfare and health services of the elderly and about the discrimination against older female (and some male) presenters on TV. Less noticed are the number of old people who are continuing to contribute to all aspects of society.
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