Was It Something I Said?

Does ‘www’ stand for World Wild West? Recent events suggest it might. My own experience is that the internet is not as free as we think.

Twitter gained a fabulous amount of publicity because someone used it to post alleged details of some superinjunctions and then the coverage went into the stratosphere […]

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Writing On The Wall- How Banksy inspires Your Life Your Style

I’ll be rooting for the graffiti artist Banksy to win an Oscar tomorrow for his documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop. I find his work on outdoor walls inspiring. Don’t worry, I haven’t bought a hooded jacket and a spray can of paint. The streets of Winchester are safe, from me at least.

It’s more about […]

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Three Simple Ways To Make Your Website More Search Engine Friendly

You have direct control over some simple factors that have a massive effect on your website's search engine rankings.
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